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Recruit a Friend

Bring your friends to Azeroth, adventure together and earn epic rewards.
Receive unique in-game benefits and perks with the new program,
from game time to mounts and pets when your friends join you to fight
for the Alliance or the Horde!


Each time one of your recruits adds funds to their account, you’ll get 10% bonus from the added amount. You can recruit up to 10 friends to adventure alongside you in Azeroth. In addition, Our Referral System allows you to obtain Referral Points (RP) simply by referring players with your unique link. From every referral you earn 1 RP. This currency can be used at our store.

More information will be added soon!

Recruiting Details
You need to login to access the Recruit A Friend system and the Recruit A Friend referral code.


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Q: Who's eligible to participate in the new Recruit A Friend program?

Q: Can I invite more than one friend at a time?
A: Yes. You may recruit up to 10 recruits in total. Each recruit can help you secure rewards more quickly from the program.

Q: Can my friends have their own recruits?
A: Yes. Your recruit(s) can have recruits of their own, but they cannot recruit you. Game time your recruit receives as a Recruit A Friend reward will not count towards your own RAF reward progression.
Invitation Process
Q: How do I invite my friends?
A: Log in to our website and copy your invite link through the Recruit A Friend tab, then send that link to your friends.

Q: What do my friends have to do once they receive the invitation?
A: When your friends open the link, they'll be able to create a new account. From there, their account will be connected to your account.

Q: How will I know whether my friend accepted my invitation?
A: Once your friend accepts the invitation and your accounts are linked, you'll be able to see your friend's website nickname from the Recruit A Friend table.

Q: What if I don’t see my friend listed in the table?
A: If you're having issues with linked accounts, this could be because your friend didn't register through your link.
Q: How do I secure rewards?
A: Each time your recruits buy points through our website, you'll get your 10% cut from that purchase as a bonus.
Restrictions and Limitations
Q: Can I recruit my own accounts?
A: You can recruit one account from the same IP address.

Have a question that isn’t covered in this FAQ? Feel free to post your question in our discord server.
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