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Ultra Top-Protector Trinket
Binds when picked up
200 Armor
+3700 Stamina
+2100 Spirit
+1000 Intellect
+4000 Strength
+ 9 Nature Resistance
+ 9 Fire Resistance
+ 9 Frost Resistance
+ 9 Shadow Resistance
+ 9 Arcane Resistance
Meta Socket
Meta Socket
Meta Socket
Socket Bonus: +7 All Resistances
Requires Level 70
Item Level 200
Equip: Increases your resilience rating by 9.
Equip: Increases your spell haste rating by 53.
Equip: Increases your ranged haste rating by 42.
Equip: Increases your melee haste rating by 108.
Use: Absorbs 900 damage. Lasts 20 sec.
Equip: Increases your spell power by 20% of your total Intellect.
Equip: Increases attack power by 1459 in Cat, Bear, Dire Bear, and Moonkin forms only.
Equip: Increases attack power by 1296.
Equip: Increases spell power by 1000.
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